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    Pat & HC team.

    Do you now have the ability to filter those with multiple nics?If you do and you are now utilising this ability maybe it would be an idea to let the more genuine single nic posters know this.If this is the case I applaud HC as multiple nics can only be construed as fraudulant.There is only one motivation to use more than one nic.If others arnt interested in the subject matter one posts,then that poster should not have the ability to continue a thread by using a second or however many nics to promote that subject matter.

    However,I believe in the freedom of speech.If Bonkers wants to post a million posts a day,let him.If you dont want to read his posts either dont read them or put them on the ignore function.If you have nailed him for multiple nics then well and good.But it is just my humble opinion he should at the very least be allowed to post under another single nic.Banning posters smacks of censorship.Theres nothing wrong with healthy debate and difference of opinion.The only other criteria that might be used for banning a poster is that of verbal abuse.I know this problem is not easily monitored,but HC must occasionally browse through the threads and this would be picked up.If any posters do have a problem with abuse then perhaps they should email Pat & HC direct and bring it to their attention.

    Thanks too to Pat & HC for the hard work that must be going into this site.Hopefully this hard work will result in the best forum around.

    Cheers all,and hopefully we can get back to what this sites been renowned for,rather than the back and forth childish arguements that have sometimes been gracing the threads as of late.

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