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Multiple announcements forthcoming

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    Time ti start a new thread.
    last ones doggie doo in 2ic end of the world stuff.
    i believe we all would prefer an open forum for FA

    Batch 1 results were pleasing
    Batch 2 results delayed (xmas season for lab) and now imminent
    Batch 3 arrived and being analysed
    Batch 4 either in Perth already or soon to be

    Assay results are independent and given the nature of all possible issues, eg slime, clay etc, take time to analyse. Not for Day Traders patience.

    we have to date aerial reco’s, WMC drilling, Auger 3m drill results locating a potential 20km on (surface !) assessment, aircore drilling of just 8 holes.

    Yet the SP went ballistic as if was better than invention of sliced bread. Reality then set in and was accelerated by .......

    in the next week, yes lab results promised by Friday but report takes 2 days, we will hear of Batch 2.

    i trust this will be similar to Batch 1 but who knows? We only have visuals to rely on.

    Then there is batch 3-4....... soon after. Could be better could be worse.

    However, the BOD in mid December did a successful CR to fund H1 requirements at 1c.

    i notice the stock is now at 2c, despite downrampers, counter intuitives, crystal ball gazers and know it alls.

    The BoD announced the strategic expansion of the Koko site and the advance into the other 2 fields within their leases. ( Oh do I forget to mention their in train applications for other local nearby leases ?)

    but cynisism says yep its great dirt in the ground but who is going to dig it up? Fair comment !

    maybe no-one wants a top of the list world class HMS with suitable VHMS ( please read up on this as no down ramper has analysed this), maybe off white is the new gen of ceramics, maybe Boeing and Airbus will start accessing Rolls Royce engines made with tin. Plus my elderly mum is happy with an aluminium hip replacement. And none of the both developed world and developing countries would align to these.

    Regardless of all the independent research that long term holders have made and questioned the BoD on satisfactorily, regardless of the intensive research the BoD have performed on Sofala etc, the hurdles put in place until “shares to be “ come to fruition, regardless of initial auger and Aircore drill results on the back of aerial analysis, and, more to the point successful WMC drilling results, Tge so called balanced viewpoint is......

    MRQ’s boat cant float.

    Possibly, you should sell and take your insightful comments somewhere where they are more relevant.

    am not an addict to this stock but I believe it holds inherent value, not to a day trader (who needs them?) but to any value based investor.

    I guess this must be longer than a similar other poster.

    its all IMO, not financial advice ( something they leave off their declarations)

    BUT, for myself, based on my research and contributions from other holders of +30 days, I think there is potential here ( especially compared to no names mentioned bank stocks)

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