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    As much as $30 billion a year in extra economic activity could be generated if super-fast broadband Internet were widely adopted in Australia,according to a new report.The study,Australia's Broadband Connectivity,say's high-speed'always-on Internet and new broadband technologie's will become the"roads and railways of the 21st century".
    The report for the Federal Government,by the broadband Advisory Group,recommends a national strategy across government and industry to try to make Australia a leader in the development and use of broadband technologies and content.It recommends how broadband can be harnessed to reduce costs and improve service delivery in health,education and research,by key steps including:
    SETTING up services such as tele-radiology and electronic patient health records.
    CONNECTING schools and educational institutions to broadband Internet services and curriculum development.
    PROMOTING access to broadband by researchers.
    Article from the Australian IT section back in 30/01/03.
    Multi E your on a winner...
    Multi E it,s gonna be!
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