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    Some heavy hitters involved including Microsoft..


    The Directors of Multiemedia Limited (MUL) are very pleased to announce
    that they have commenced the implementation of their state-of-the-art,
    two-way, Satellite service into the Australian market. The Company has
    instructed Advanced Projects International, who will handle the Project
    Management and Implementation functions, to procure the hardware and
    software contracts in respect to the provision of the high-speed
    satellite Internet service.

    This announcement is the culmination of two years of extensive research,
    and investment by MUL, into next generation high-speed satellite
    services. The resultant negotiations have assembled a world-class
    satellite service infrastructure, with the fastest uplink services
    currently available. The service providers to be involved, in addition
    to Advanced Projects, will be:

    New Skies Satellites.......... Space Segment Provider;
    ViaSat.........................Hub, Teleport, Hardware;
    IP Access International........Backbone and consulting;
    Kavera Software............... Billing and Subscriber Management.

    All are highly regarded, successful, and well-established service
    providers within their respective segments.

    MUL will be introducing this service upon completion of testing to MUL's
    satisfaction. The range of services will include Internet services,
    Video Conferencing, Voice-Over-Internet Protocol, Interactive TV,
    Broadcasting, Tele Education, and Virtual Private Networking. The key
    beneficiaries/customers of this new service will be wide ranging and
    will include:

    * Rural and Regional Communities
    * Educational Institutions
    * Hospitals
    * Government Agencies & Service Providers
    * Larger Mining, Petroleum, and Natural Resource Companies
    * Large Corporate Networks
    * Small/Medium Businesses.

    This will be in addition to the migration of MUL's existing customers
    from the current oneway Simplex satellite service.

    Directors believe that this key strategic initiative has the potential
    to generate significant future revenues and profits for MUL
    shareholders. It is also aligned with the Company's new strategic
    imperative of concentrating its energies and resources on a small number
    of high growth segments within the technology business sector.

    Affirmation for the significant potential of MUL's new strategic
    direction has already come from Microsoft Australia, which has signed an
    agreement with MUL to deliver its online software via the new MUL
    satellite service. Microsoft is excited by this new delivery mechanism
    in Australia, which has already proved successful for them in the USA.

    The launch for this project will be held in June, and will be attended
    by the Presidents/CEO's of MUL's intended partner companies. It will be
    dedicated to a full exposition of the service, and the ways in which the
    high speed two way satellite service delivers significant benefits to
    MUL's existing and future customers. Further details will be provided on
    the launch in the near future.

    As already announced, Directors and management are continuing with their
    review of all other divisions of the company.

    For more information, please contact:

    Group Managing Director & CEO
    Email. [email protected]

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