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    Announcement: Multimedia Forms Australasian Broadband Services

    Date: 16 May 2002 - 16:06:45
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    HOMEX - Melbourne

    Multiemedia (ASX:MUL) has today announced the formation of a new
    subsidiary, Australasian Broadband Services (ABS) to deliver the
    highest speed satellite broadband ever seen in Australia.

    The two-way technology, to be provided by global leader in satellite
    communications, ViaSat, will allow for an uplink of over 1 Mb, far
    outstripping existing providers. The service offers a unique next
    generation broadband solution for Australia's many rural, remote and
    indigenous communities.

    Multiemedia has been in discussions with global leaders in satellite
    technology for over a year, and are now ready to proceed after
    investigation of the available technologies and thorough due

    At its formation, Multiemedia will take a majority stake in the new
    entity, with the remainder to be funded by integral partners and
    private investors. ABS has been formed to build and expand on the
    existing Multiemedia satellite business.

    According to Multiemedia Group Managing Director & CEO, Adrian
    Ballintine, this investment represents a great opportunity to "be in
    at the ground floor of the next generation of broadband

    "Government and business alike have long recognized the need for
    wireless and satellite solutions to meet the shortfall in high speed
    Internet access. Only now can we offer a solution that meets
    business, government and community expectations for high speed
    connectivity, regardless of your location or your demand for
    bandwidth" Mr Ballintine said.

    Receiver stations anywhere in Australia will be able to transmit data
    to the network hub at speeds up to 1.15 Mbps (10 times faster than
    existing broadband), with data downloads of up to 60 Mbps, satisfying
    bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data.

    The ABS teleport hub will cover all of Australia and reach into Asia
    and Europe, making Australia a regional leader in broadband delivery
    by providing huge opportunities for export revenues.

    It will deliver a comprehensive multimedia broadband solution,
    * Internet access
    * Digital media streaming
    * Videoconferencing
    * Voice over IP
    * Distance learning
    * File transfer
    * Multicasting
    * Virtual private networks

    "The range of possible applications is limited only by your
    imagination," Mr Ballintine says.

    "Current satellite services cannot sustain video conferencing. This
    easily can. Current providers talk about voice and fax over IP, but
    to no avail. This service can comfortably deliver," Mr Ballintine

    ABS has reached agreement with three global leaders in satellite

    New Skies Satellites' ( newest satellite,
    NSS-6, to come on-stream in November will provide the space segment
    which will provide reliable, high powered satellite bandwidth for ABS
    customers. New Skies' Director, American Sales, Michael Polmar, says
    "New Skies Satellites looks forward to the opportunity to provide ABS
    with the most advanced Ku-band platform available. With the power,
    coverage and flexibility of NSS-6...I am confident New Skies would
    be a valuable team member."

    Comsat Laboratories (, a division of the
    NASDAQ-listed ViaSat Inc, is the provider of the satellite baseband,
    hub equipment and software through LinkStar(TM), a two-way
    bandwidth-on-demand broadband VSAT system. President of Comsat
    Laboratories, Benjamin Pontano, says "ViaSat will provide a powerful
    range of products, research and investment in future enhancements,
    coupled with a very committed team of individuals, to ensure the ABS
    project is successful from inception, full roll out and beyond."

    IP Access International ( has entered
    into a three-year exclusive agreement with ABS to design, develop and
    deploy service provider networks in Australia and throughout the Asia
    Pacific. Bryan Hill, President of IP Access International, says, "IP
    Access will also work with ABS to expand the footprint beyond
    Australia to reach greater Asia .... the entire IP Access team is
    excited about this project and is willing to use all available
    resources to ensure it is a phenomenal success."

    Multiemedia has been in discussion with Federal, State and Local
    Governments to advise them of their plans, and to investigate ways
    Government can play a role in assisting the rollout of this leading
    edge technology.

    "Governments at all levels have quickly understood that this service
    presents many opportunities to fulfil their commitment to high-speed
    Internet connectivity in regional and rural communities," Mr
    Ballintine said.

    "The applications in the health and education sectors, as well as the
    solution it offers to ISPs offering last mile coverage for remote and
    indigenous communities, sets this technology apart from other
    providers," Mr Ballintine said.


    Adrian Ballintine
    Group Managing Director & CEO
    Multiemedia Limited
    Tel: (03) 9603 3200
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