MRX 0.00% 0.7¢ matrix metals limited

mul and mrx bigger increments

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    All I can say is congrats to the brave who are holding MUL, yes I missed out, having traded MUL a few times over the years with great rewards and I was going to have a go at 1c but missed the opportunity. All the bashers out there are most likely people like me who missed the ride but I don't believe in sledging a company just because I missed it.

    Well guys the ride with now be interesting as now you will have 0.5c increments as long as you stay above 10c so if the ride continues it will be more enjoyable.

    MRX is looking to like it will hit the magic 10c, going by the recent trend it's price has been moving up at a steady rate over the past few weeks pretty much hand in hand with MUL

    Do your homework and again well done to the holders.
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