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    wtf did you use Filter ? tick it in the formula options

    my data base is currently 1652 FPs includes some stocks not trading

    I get

    Security Name Ticker Symbol Location
    AIM AIM C:\Mststock2005bkup\A
    ALZ ALZ C:\Mststock2005bkup\A
    AVO AVO C:\Mststock2005bkup\A
    BHP BHP C:\Mststock2005bkup\B
    BLD BLD C:\Mststock2005bkup\B
    CPU CPU C:\Mststock2005bkup\C
    FCL FCL C:\Mststock2005bkup\F
    GTG GTG C:\Mststock2005bkup\G
    LEG LEG C:\Mststock2005bkup\L
    MBL MBL C:\Mststock2005bkup\M
    OST OST C:\Mststock2005bkup\O
    TIM TIM C:\Mststock2005bkup\T
    WAS WAS C:\Mststock2005bkup\W

    meanwhile im back to ADY choof
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