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Oh, I’m still here, but I just can’t be arsed bothering with...

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    Oh, I’m still here, but I just can’t be arsed bothering with your self-serving bloviation, wild speculation and garbled half-truths. Just saw that you recycled that rot about stem cells being further up the biological chain or some such nonsense. Good on @optimistus for calling it out, but as I say, I just don’t have the time, energy or inclination any more. Suffice to say: anyone who relies on your one-eyed, fetishistic approach to investing deserves to lose their shirt. @madamswer offers infinitely more informed and wise council, and I enjoy reading his posts on other stocks as well.

    Just for the record though: it was you, Dolcevita, who first posed as a champion of the poor mum and dad investors, scammed out of their shares by evil shorters and rapacious accumulators. All doing the bidding of their dark lord, Craig Collie. So, let’s add hypocrisy to your charge sheet.

    Finally, MSB may or may not be on the verge of being commercially self-sustaining. If it is, and any mums and dads buy in now at just $2.70, they’ll be doing somewhat better than they would have done had they bought about five years ago, when you and I first locked horns. Then, the price was about halfway through its slide, at $3.94.

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