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MSB Trading - 2020

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    Happy new year - may 2020 bring a prosperous year to all MSB believers

    So much has happened to MSB, and yet, we are still on the ground floor, but this is the year we are going to take off!
    We all have a choice to make, to be a fossil or embrace the change; as this stem cell paradigm shift is coming whether you like it or not

    MSB is complex and there are so many facets to MSB; but, the overall question is... is it a great value proposition at the current SP and I would answer overwhelmingly YES

    The recent $2 placement should act as an anchor/ baseline for a company that's shifting gear from research to commercialisation
    I can't see the SP venture much below $2, so let's just say goodbye to anything starting with a $1 - that's so 2019 tongue.png

    So why do I believe that MSB is a great value proposition at the current SP?
    Simply look at how we are going to be showered with value accretive announcements in 2020.

    I'll list a few, but I'm sure I'll miss a few too:
    1. BLA filing for paediatric GvHD
    2. Approval of GVHD
    3. Commericalisation of GVHD
    4. Readouts
    5. Potential partnering deal for MSB’s congestive heart failure product
    6. Potential partnering deal for MSB’s chronic discogenic lower back pain (CLBP)
    7. Increase in royalties from TEMCELL
    8. Grunenthal updates
    9. Tasly updates
    10. The MSC-100-IV for the expanded indication
    11. JCR Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)
    12. Takeda updates
    13. 1,000+ patents and other left field partnerships

    I'm very bullish and bias on MSB
    I look at SI, T20 and T100 - have they been selling out? If so, why? We all know what happened to Capital?
    Any other sellers?
    The majority of these large holders have held and/ or built on their positions

    So how about some LT SP predictions from me?
    • With #1-#3 above, we should get to $5 or so
    • With #4-#6 we may get to 10X the current SP; so let's say $20
    • The remaining are just cream on top
    $20 seems a lot, when the current SP is just at $2; but...
    "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." - and yet, who hasn't got a PC, laptop, iPad and/or mobile phone?

    So when you look at the paradigm shift in treatment, once it starts the snowball effect will be a lot larger than expected.

    I'm excited by what 2020 got installed for us MSB believers
    And thank you all in advance for your valuable contribution and banter

    Onwards and upwards biggrin.png

    Like a few here, I'm investing into MSB with conviction, as it is a major part of my early retirement plan eek.png
    But, I understand that we all have different size pockets and risk appetite
    So please DYOR, I'm just musing out loud here, so please do not invest base on anything I've written
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