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ok - time for a weekly reflection.With the excitement of the...

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    ok - time for a weekly reflection.

    With the excitement of the Novartis collaboration we've now broken out of the jog we've been in for 7 weeks and start the SP climb biggrin.png

    There's so much in the update that it's hard to list it all.
    There's great excitement on the MSB board now - so much better than discussing the stupid CAs rolleyes.png

    Novartis collaboration
    Have a read of @stockrock post here detailed discussion.

    The upshot is that we have had a big pharma, who have done their DD and seen enough to sign on the dotted line.
    This agreement is months in the making, but now it has been signed and we can all move forward.
    This has been brilliantly executed, none of us SHs had a clue it was Novartis that MSB has been discussing with - that's a big fish that was caught biggrin.png

    My read is that ideally, we'll stop the trial Covid-19 ARDS due to overwhelming efficacy at the 3rd interim analysis.
    However, even if it doesn't show overwhelming efficacy, with 200+ patients enrolled, there'll be enough data to bring to the FDA for a EUA.

    Both Novartis and NIH will push for EUA - just stay tune on that!
    In the conference call, it is the first time that I've heard SI mentioned EUA.
    The EUA must have been discussed and it is front an centre for SI!

    Apart from the Novartis deal, we were told that both readouts for CHF and CLBP will be done in a couple of weeks.
    Both of these are years in the making and now we only have to wait a couple of weeks.
    One thing that stood out for me and @Anjo-Roch has picked it up here
    Why did SI reference those 70 patients?
    Now why did he bring it up? He didn't have to, but he did!
    I wouldn't if P3 CHF was negative, but this is a clear hint that the data is good - bring it on!

    I'm going to mark this down as the 2nd week of December - just to be on the safe side biggrin.png
    Upcoming catalysts
    For the next two weeks, we only have the AGM to look forward to.
    So what can they share with us at the AGM?
    Maybe some updates on Grunenthal and Tasly?
    Anything else?

    But, have a look at the catalysts come December.
    This will have a compounding effect on the SP.

    In the meantime, the market can just soak in the gravity of the Novartis collaboration - this is huge.
    I'm back to being an excited and happy camper.
    MESO and MSB will take turn to lead the SP.
    The snowball effect of rising SP is in play now - what a great time to be an MSB'ers.

    GL guys - HODL biggrin.png

    The sharts
    Of course the sharts are going to give this a fight

    But, hold on:
    • No more CRs
    • No funds with mandate to sell
    • More upside catalysts coming
    • So which of these sharts gonna break rank and sell out now?
    • Which ones are gonna triple down and create more short positions? Crazy - but, some will!

    112nd interim analysis (45%)WK1Nov
    22CHF readoutWK2Dec
    33Heart conferenceWK2Nov
    44Type A meetingWK3Nov
    663rd interim analysis (60%) WK1Dec
    77CLBP readoutWK2Dec
    88Partnerships $$$WK3Dec
    99Ryoncil Type A meeting #2WK4Dec
    1010Rem-L EAU requestWK1Dec
    1111Santa & NY rallyWK5Dec
    1212Grunenthal updatesWK3Dec
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