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    MS has turned a worthless Indo company into a company that has it's hands in one of the most mineral rich countries in the world. In 2 years !

    For the exhaustive routine that would accompany international travel and engagements. At a time of your life when you should be playing golf and telling dirty ditties to the grandchildren. Cheers.

    From what i see, most HC posters dont leave their house let alone post code. And if they leave the country it is on most parts for a holiday. (Myself 4.5 out of last 11 years interstate/OS)

    The tireless and thankless effort of negotiations. Knowing full well that the other side of the table holds all the cards. That is a skill that cant be bought or taught.

    An impresive group of peers that you have persuaded to accompany you on a combined quest to achieve that which was not possible a decade ago. I salute you all!

    And finally to the critics. Would you leave retirement for anything other than a massive return? Would you stack your paycheck with options in return for what you could get elswhere as a salary with a big mining house?

    All the best to the risk takers !


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