mr jones and maradona

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    Mr Jones, Maradona would never say his hand had touched the ball. He said, "The hand of God" sent it into the net.

    Yes this "Dembski on Intelligent Design" really needs and believes this nonsense because he is not intelligent. To promote "intelligent design" because it now represents scientific objectivity is ungodly. LOL ..... To promote "intelligent design" because it represents constitutional neutrality for the US is artificial.

    DNA was assembled by a combination of chance and the laws of physics on planet Earth. So in considering causality, where all effects have an infinite number of material causes, it is "neo-Darwinism," that explicitly claims that evolution is the process occurring at all times with respect to each electron, atom, cell, organ, organism, species, ecosystem, planet, and galaxy. To not apply "neo-Darwinism" is to accept exceptionalism that then states that certain aspects of existence are no longer influenced by evolution. i.e. Things are different now. This myth of exceptionalism is plainly implausible. That's why Maradona's second goal against England is one of the most brilliant but some may prefer "The hand of God".
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