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mpo moving to prove reserves

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    as indicated in my earlier post, MPO is moving away from being just an explorer to a producer. however, to get to being a producer, it needs to spend a lot of money to drill a lot of holes to prove whether the seams are suitable for gas to be extracted.

    todays announcement is the first step, of many steps that will be required. They have the money, they have started and the results from the one hole are very encouraging. the more holes they drill, and in the sequence required will prove reserves. and this is just for glouscter. this is what AOE and others did in the early days.

    MPO should be making more announcements regarding USA, China and south Africa. just more steps in the process

    But as MPO makes more steps, the share price will start to reflect this. 1-2c a week every week is all that i want.

    But i think that given the gains over the last few months and that it seems that the price has stalled at 24-25c seems to have triggered some people to sell down, fulfilling the prophecy of the price staying at this or retreating. So it may float around this range until the people offloading have offloaded enough

    patience will pay for a financial secure future. trading will pay for the day to day bills.
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