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I gave you a GA just to get you to STFU.If OM had followed...

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    I gave you a GA just to get you to STFU.

    If OM had followed proper procedures and asked ISX for comment before publishing then the report would hold some credibility - instead they chose to publish first which really exposes it as a “hatchet job” and the cause of unnecessary volatility.

    When will people finally accept that the performance share hurdles were tied to revenue and really the “quality” of revenue should not be an issue. Do the big 4 differentiate where they earn their revenue from and grade it?

    Prior to the award of the performance shares my shares were valued around 15c and now in suspension they are valued at $1.07. If they were not suspended why would I, as a LT shareholder complain? The dilution has not impacted my valuation negatively, in fact, my value has increased seven fold.

    So who exactly has an issue wth the performance shares?

    Maybe the answer to that question will come out in court.

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