most common 'skeptic' arguments

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    To save a lot of hot air, and given that a lot of people have appeared here lately recycling old and much debunked denier arguments, here is a good website that will help you pick a topic. Think of it as a cheat sheet.

    Those who want to raise a particular "argument" can cite it's number = eg

    sKs 1 = 'climate's changed before'

    sKs 48 = 'CO2 is plant food'

    You get the drift. Just put sKs and the number in the header of your post and we'll all get what you 'believe' about global warming.

    In general, the lower the number the less sophisticated a 'believer' you are, and the higher the number the less common or the newer the 'argument'. In the middle your 'argument' is pretty standard and ordinary.

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