Mossads secret war, how Israel duped the US into , page-2

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    And here are two more secret Mossad operations. They engineered the war between Iraq and Iran, then when they had some spare time, they engineered Iraq's takeover of Kuwait.

    I have no proof as yet but I believe they also arranged for the Kurds to be located at one place so that Sadaam could gas them, and I have no doubt the Mossad was behind Syria's annihalation of 20,000 of their own citizens when the Zionist plot for their uprising was discovered by a leaked memo from the New Guinea government to Premier Bacon of Tasmania.

    In that same memo the prmier was advised that in order not to offend Muslims he should change his name to Halal. It was due to this suspicious advice that triggered an investigation, which somehow alerted the Syrians to the unfolding Zionist plot for a staged uprising.

    Luckily, the Syrians foiled the plot.
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