mossad office bombed in iraq

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    Mossad Office Bombed In Iraq
    Nov 14, 2003
    Source: Media Line

    An office bombed in the Iraqi town Kirkuk has been reported as belonging to Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency. The number of dead and wounded in Monday night’s bombing is still not final, according to the Egyptian-based Middle East News Agency, but they included “Mossad people” and a number of local Kurds, who were reported as collaborating with the Israeli agents.

    The injured were rushed to a nearby American military base in Kirkouk and some were transferred to a hospital in Mous’ul. Local Kurds and American soldiers rushed to the building immediately after the explosion and attempted to hide anything that may reveal the “true” nature of the so-called Mossad office, MENA reported.

    The identity of the aggressors remains unknown, according to the report. Israel refuses to comment on its covert operations overseas.

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