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    Australian elite soldiers were preventing Iraq launching any long range missiles towards the Zion

    Sunday Telegraph Mirror May 30, 1993 (Sydney)

    Fischer wants explanation on listening device

    From BRAD CROUCH in Canberra

    ALLEGATIONS of a covert bugging operation organised by the Israeli intelligence organisation Mossad uncovered in Sydney are being pursued by the Federal Opposition.

    An espionage operation using a highly sophisticated listening device is alleged to have been discovered in a Sydney building.

    There is speculation the alleged operation is linked to the cancelled visit and lecture tour by controversial British historian David Irving who claims Jewish suffering in the Holocaust has been overstated.

    However, the Opposition has declined to release further details about its knowledge of the alleged spying operation until it receives a report from the Government.

    National Party Leader Tim Fischer has put a series of questions on notice in Parliament to Attorney-general Michael Lavarch seeking information about the alleged bugging.

    The questions ask whether the high-tech device was detected and linked to Mossad, the espionage service famed for its secrecy and efficiency.

    Mr Fischer also asks whether the device was part of a covert operation and whether It was subject to Australian law.

    He is seeking a full explanation of what action the Government is taking with respect to the matter.

    Spokesmen for ASIO, the Australian Federal Police and Department of Foreign Affairs had no knowledge of the alleged Incident.

    Mr Fischer appears reluctant to elaborate publicly on his questions because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

    The discovery of a foreign spy service conducting unauthorised overt operations on Australian soil would spark a diplomatic incident.

    However, revelations that Mossad was bugging conversations with permission of the Government could prove just as awkward. The fact that it was allegedly a Middle Eastern nation's spy agency adds to the delicacy of the issue.

    Domestic Intelligence agencies were kept busy during the Gulf War checking on movements of possible activists, which lead to the expulsions of the Iraqi chargé d'affaires Mr Saad Omran on "security related" grounds.
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