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    Looking at the figures from churchie 1 v's churchie 3 there are some interesting facts.

    Churchie 1 - 50% Mosaic

    The flow test from the Tinowon section in Churchie No 1 well between 2096.7 - 2099.7, 2115.5 -2212.0 and 2122-2134.5 has been flowing at 1.4 million cubic ft/day with associated LPG and condensate through a (1/2) choke with a surface flowing pressure of
    3,100 kpa.

    Churchie 3 - 100% Mosiac

    The Churchie 3 well intersected the primary target zone on Sunday afternoon and flowed gas at 20 million cubic ft a day through a 1 inch choke with a stabilised surface flowing pressure of 743 psi from the Permian Tinowon Sandstone. Condensate and LPG are present and their levels will be released to the market as soon as laboratory analysis has been completed.

    20 million cubic ft v's 1.5 million cubic feet per day

    yet the price last time went to 32 cents.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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