and some 8 of the applicants that were given money had already...

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    and some 8 of the applicants that were given money had already completed the work they were applying for. This was contrary to the guidelines and should not have even been considered according to the auditor.

    Regardless of who has done what so often in the past, this practice severely erodes the confidence of people in elected representatives. Already at a low this is damaging the credibility of all politicians and damaging democracy.

    Such manipulation of voters through arbitrarily giving grants to sports groups or social clubs who are less deserving or needful of the money than other groups/clubs in safe Lab or Lib seats means that those in greater need miss out.

    this cannot go on. it is unethical and corrupt conduct. It is a standard that is unacceptable.

    PS. Why aren't you angrily crying out about the wasteful use of taxpayer money? If this was the Labs who had done this you would be screaming blue murder.
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