Morrison's Record Part 2

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    On October 16th, 2019 I created the thread 'Morrison's Record', undertaking to update it when appropriate.

    I was not alone in documenting Morrison's Mess, the reference below is just one of many important matters documented by other posters:

    "Why is the federal government so incompetent, some causes" [HC poster - Orson on Jan 6th, 2020]

    Well the time has come for me to provide the update as it appears that back then I'd hardly scratched what is a pretty ugly surface:

    Additional Achievements [originally 4]:
    5. The Liberals' emasculated and knee-capped NBN is nearing 'completion - $51 billion for developed world worst practice

    Additional Failures [originally 15]:
    16. As documented by HC poster, Orson; Morrison has severely damaged service provision by the federal public service.17. Water management and the Murray Darling Basin Plan could hardly be worse

    18. Illegal ‘Robodebt’collections of $1.5 billion – so much for lowering taxation

    19. Endangered species extinction– unprecedented

    20. Unprecedented Ministerialcorruption – sports rorts, grants rorts, not even declaring assets untilthey’re gone

    21. Backing Old King Coal –publicly indemnifying ‘new coal’, grants for undertaking a business case for‘new coal’

    22. Coalition’s ‘safeguardmechanism’ delivers 60% more industrial emissions than in 2005

    23. Coalition war againstAboriginal Peoples has actually exacerbates ‘the gap’.

    24. Aboriginal Peoples NOT the‘aliens’ Morrison’s Government claimed they are

    25. Carefully hidden, massivepolitical donations to the Liberal Party

    26. Australians now live in‘frightening times’

    27. At the 2019 Election Morrisonclaimed the Budget was in surplus, he LIED

    28. Australia’s economy is as sickas that proverbial dog, reflected in an exchange rate of just US$0.67 afterfalling from $1.10 during the worst global financial crisis in eighty yearsunder Gillard.

    29. Destruction of tourism andclosures of government services as Morrisons headed to Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii …

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