Sorry @raiderup; I note my attempt suffered the same issue as...

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    Sorry @raiderup; I note my attempt suffered the same issue as your OP, leaving posters to undertake a search for themselves.

    Prior to reading that article I wasn't aware that former Liberal Leader Alexander Downer was a Huawei Board member, I'd forgotten that it was Abbott who leased the Port of Darwin to the Chinese and after reading Malcom Turnbull's book I recall no mention of how he tried to overturn Labor's 'Cold War' with China over 'territorial waters' in the South China Sea.

    It appears Rudd regards Morrison's gross incompetence and lack of a backbone as enabling China to so easily impose trade sanctions against Australia that is now causing so much pain to Australian farmers and stress to our resources sector.

    I guess that expalins why Morrison's now MIA.

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