Morrison's latest delusional sermon

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    Scott Morrison's New Year Address to the nation not only glossed over facts such as his virtual termination of Parliament but went on and on as if all is well and that 2019 will be even better.

    It reminded me of Iraq's Comical Ali as the Coalition of the Willing invaded his country and allowed Saddam Hussein to be publicly executed.

    "... Morrison waved goodbye to 2018 – the year he became prime minister in a leadership spill the Liberal party is still attempting to explain – by wholeheartedly embracing 2019, which he says “will be a big year of choice for Australia”.

    Sex scandals,internal party division, bad polls, lost MPs, bullying allegations and losing a blue-ribbon seat to an independent, plunging the government into minority status, received not even a nod, with Morrison instead looking to the future. …"

    After Morrison started his time as PM by reducing Parliamentary sitting days by a fortnight and to just nine days until July this year, I almost choked on my Wheaties when I read this comment from our leaning, loafing and work-dodging PM:

    "... “We’re going to be working hard for you every single day and as we go to this year’s election, …"

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