Morrison working for promised tax cuts 2019

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    Scott Morrison's key election 2019 tax cut promise faces delay

    By political reporter Henry Belot
    Updated about 3 hours ago
    Photo: Scott Morrison's tax cut plan may be blocked by formal processes. (ABC News)
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    Tax cuts of up to $1,080 per person could be delayed, with Federal Parliament unlikely to return before June 30.
    Key points:

    • The tax cuts were a central feature of the Coalition's election campaign
    • The plan would give a dual income household an extra $2,160 a year
    • The delay is due to the electoral process not allowing time for parliament to return before June 30

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants his tax cut plan to become law as soon as possible, so that it applies for tax returns lodged this financial year.

    But his efforts to do so may be blocked by a bureaucratic timeline beyond his control.
    The Prime Minister needs to wait for the election writs to be returned before Federal Parliament is recalled, which may not be until late June.
    "We obviously have to wait for the writs to be returned and there is a formal process for that," Mr Morrison told Sky News last night.
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