Morrison says LNP has had 3 good PMs LOL

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    At the Australian Press Club the issue of trust was raised and in responding Morrison said in reference to the changes in PM that the govt has had three good PMs. I presume he is saying the third is himself. He also inferred that the Labor changes in PMs was due to poor performance but not so with the Liberal PMs. Unbelievable and it raises the question as to how someone who thinks he can get away with such nonsense can be trusted.

    According to Morrison the PMs that were shown the door by their own were good PMs. So one can form a view their reward for being good PMs was to be mercilessly knifed which if such knifings did not occur he himself would not be the current PM. I guess Morrison thinks we can be easily fooled, to make such illogical statements.

    In his presentation he seems to be running on the record of the govt under the two former PMs namely Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull which also is puzzling given both those PMs were shafted by their team.

    Morrison imo is being shifty and it’s disappointing that should be the case. You would think he would have realised that trust is at an all time low in respect to politicians and would provide some respite for we the Australian community from that distrust. Just another mealy mouthed politician it seems. Hopefully some day we will have political leaders who will realise Australians are sick and tired of shifty politicians who disrespect the intelligence of
    Australian voters.
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