Morrison lies, page-98

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    Ronni Salt triumphs again.What a cracker of a read!

    Scott Morrison: not with a bang, but a whimper
    That Scott Morrison is simply a suit full of lies and favours should be common knowledge by now. Or at least it would be if only we had a media prepared to treat his every utterance as the coughed up political furball it is.

    Instead, we get newsrooms pretending to disapprove of Morrison and his lies in the one breath before scrambling to report on yet another Morrison announcement of worderrhoea, breathlessly recording his speeches and policies as if they were fact and not the sentient ramblings of a proven, recidivist bullshitter. But hey, look over there, what about that sausage sizzle, and now back to the studio.

    Time and time again, Scott Morrison has shown us all who he is and what he represents. He sits atop the most misfit, inept federal government in living memory; a claque of Ayn Rand fetishists, hucksters, visionless shills, money wasting corporatists, amoral science-denying reprobates and degenerate liars, indulging in an orgy of self-interested greed and duplicity that will be read about in the history books of our generation
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