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    @sailorgirl; no amount of diversion will hide the duplicitous chooks that are coming home to roost at Morrison's feet - what he says about 'freedom' and what happens under his dark, oppressive regime:

    " The jailing of a young climate protester is a prime example of Australia’s authoritarian drift"

    "... For the past 20 years, human rights experts and lawyers have been sounding the alarm on Australia’s democracy and the increasing tendency among state and federal governments towards suppressing dissent from the community. Even more alarmingly, the criminalisation of protest and increasingly inflammatory rhetoric from police and politicians is accompanied by moves to neuter the legal frameworks established to hold lawmakers accountable.
    The jailing of a 22-year-old climate change protester is a prime example of this authoritarian tendency.

    "... Australia is the only democracy in the world without a national human rights framework. Australians do not enjoy a universal right to protest, protected by law, even though our history is littered with popular movements and disruptive protests that have helped to create modern Australia. ..."

    "... There is an ongoing effort to restrict what is considered “legitimate” protest to that which is least effective. Prime minister Scott Morrison was quick to condemn the unjust treatment of protesters in Hong Kong, but at home, the Coalition has waged its own war on those campaigning for Indigenous rights, climate justice and animal welfare. Morrison has accused protesters of “economic sabotage” and threatened to throw the legal book at them after successful secondary boycotts of the Adani Carmichael coalmine. ..."

    "... In addition, state and federal governments have passed anti-protest laws that grant special protection to agricultural and extractive industries, which have a history of attracting protests from unions, First Nations peoples and environmentalists. ..."

    "... Even as the federal and state governments seek to criminalise protest, they are working overtime to undermine many of the legal channels for holding them to account. The commonwealth now routinely violates the freedom of information laws, through which the public can find out how decisions are being made and the impact of government policies. ..."
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