Quick analysis. Just for demonstration purposes.DRO. Stale. No...

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    Quick analysis. Just for demonstration purposes.

    DRO. Stale. No numbers. Chart doesn't help. Plenty of sellers waiting from 10c and 20c is obvious top. I bought at 12c yest to 17c for very good trade. Was a sitter then.

    ANP. Opened way too high. Annmnct not that amazing. Pills didn't kill anyone?Always gets sold.

    WNB. Vague anncmnt someone is gonna try and distribute their product in Malaysia etc? Big deal. Make up. Der.

    BYH/E25. Manganese. Just not sexy. Who has a clue about manganese?

    GTR. Sellers have shown their hand. No-one really believes uranium boom gonna happen. Least of all Trump.

    RGL. Absolute mug's game to buy over 3c after much lower CR. They haven't found gold and do peeps realise how few coys actually find gold and start mining. 2 - 3% ?? The Tolga thing works but only till it doesn't. Plenty have gone before him and been king of the kids.

    REE. They gonna start looking for rare earths!? Look at history of other rare earth coys if you want to read about waste of time. Money to be made only when it's a hot commodity. Chart shows any number of sellers will be waiting from 3c and above.

    Above just one minute reads that you'd make before deciding whether to jump in at open. You could be wrong but with experience the odds are substantialy in your favour.


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