Morning Traders Wednesday 6th July

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    Morning Traders and money managers,

    Another day of recriminations and disbelief as vote counting continues to unravel
    the mess that is federal politics. After 20 years, Pauline Hanson (no less) can swing back in and scoop
    up a few seats. Such is the dissatisfaction with the the major parties, who are unable
    to cut through with a significant message.
    Not listening, not inclusive, divisive in fact, and not consultative in the least.

    Last night, i happened to drop into the after market daytraders to find Endless giving substantial time and
    advice to a newbie with a few questions and i thought what a good model of inclusiveness and listening we have right here. Warmed the cockles it did, in a contemporary sense.
    So well done Endless, your a champ.

    Good fortune to all of us, have a great day
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