Morning Traders Thursday 14 th July

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    Morning traders,

    If ever you have wondered who is actually at the controls of this
    financial system and whether we are in any way safeguarded from
    dim witted greedy fools, well part of the answer has been revealed today
    with the bankruptcy filing of 'Diamond Joe' Gutnick owing $275 000 000
    with assets of $16 087, and a worthless share portfolio.

    His assets would not allow him to purchase outright a Toyota Corolla and yet
    he has ratcheted up debts to other 'related parties', (ie. people like you and me,)
    of $275 million dollars. He takes 2nd prize in Australian history behind Allen Bond
    at $600 million debt owed at bankruptcy.

    Well, call in admin and we can have a lawyers picnic and run up another $50 mill
    and then we just wont talk about it, or him for a little while, until he is allowed to be a co. director
    again in 3 years and we can welcome back as the fallen hero.

    Sorry bit cynical, hope everyone has a great day !
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