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    IMO, DYOR, lickly typos, not exhaustive:

    - narrow/very narrow hi/good grade co, lo/good grade cu, lo-grade au, shallow/relatively shallow results (note majority of holes, lo-grade co, cu, au)
    - 9m @ 1.31% co, 0.26% cu, 0.26g/t au from 57m (5m @ 2.14% co, .033% cu, 0.42g/t au from 57m), 1m @ 1.6% co, 1.45% cu from 155m, 1m @ 0.81% co from 137m, 1m @ 0.57% co from 37m, 1m @ 1.93% cu from 19m, 2m @ 2.8% cu from 76m, 2m @ 1.97% cu from 30m,

    - thick, good grade au (with narrower higher grade), shallow/relatively shallow results
    - 61.4m @ 2.22g/t au from 5m (6.8m @ 7.14g/t au from 36.8m, 6.4m @ 7.75g/t au from 49m), 57.7m @ 3.84g/t au from 121.3m (10.2m @ 5.75g/t au from 121.3m, 11.9m @ 6.4g/t au from 135.6m), 48.5m @ 2.69g/t au from 49.6m (6m @ 5.04g/t au from 59.6m, 6m @ 7.06g/t au from 78.6m), 42.5m @ 2.55g/t au from 31.1m (3.5m @ 6.8g/t au from 44.3m, 3.5m @ 5.67g/t au from 55.8m, 4m @ 7.64g/t au from 63.3m), 61.4m @ 2.04g/t au from 23.9m (6m @ 7.09g/t au from 70.3m), 64.2m @ 2g/t su from 19.8m (12m @ 5.21g/t au from 45.3m), etc

    - narrow, ok grade cu (with very narrow good grade), lo-grade ni, co, au, pge, relatively shallow results
    - 7m @ 1.1% cu, 0.2% ni, 0.01% co, 0.19g/t au, 0.13g/t pge from 120m (2m @ 1.8%cu), 13m @ 0.9% cu, 0.3% ni, 0.02% co from 138m (2m @ 1.5% cu)

    - narrow, good grade (with very narrow hi-grade), shallow, au results
    - 8m @ 10.55g/t au from 24m (2m @ 26.25g/t au from 29m), 10m @ 3.78g/t au from 36m (5m @ 7.23g/t au from 36m [1m @ 16.75g/t au from 36m])

    - very narrow, lo-grade co, ni, ag, lo/good grade cu, shallow/relatively shallw results
    - 1.17m @ 0.05% co, 0.01% ni, 1.42% cu, 4g/t ag from 121.41m, 0.53m @ 1.27% cu from 42.18m, 1.16m @ 0.26% co, 0.12% ni from 90.84m, 1,07m @ 0.16% co from 75.98m,

    - very narrow, good/ok grade cu, lo-grade au, relatively deep results
    - 2m @ 1.5% cu, 0.03g/t au from 216m, 2m @ 1.04% cu, 0.13g/t au from 228m

    - rockchip samples only, italy
    - up to 3.39% co, 6.08% cu, 2.82% ni, 2.34% sb, 902g/t ag

    - grab samples only, slovakia?
    - up to 5.41% co, 6.96% cu, 13.6% ni, 4.62% sb, 313g/t ag

    - completed 71 hole aircore drilling program at thaduna au prospect, wa, assays exepcted end nov

    - resource extension drilling at cape ray au project, canada, ongoing, assays due imminently

    - 20000m airsciore drilling commenced at yandal au project, wa

    - binding offtake agreement signed, locks in 100% of planned production, from 2019 onwards

    - commencement of testing of co hydroxide as feedstock for refinery (potential restart in as little as 18 months)

    - samo 1 well, offshore gambia, unsuccessful, plugged and abandoned

    - aligned with chemsit warehouse to sell med cannabis prodcuts

    - worlds first commercial test for predicitng onset of diabetic kidney disease, to ship commercially on 20 nov
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