Morning Traders 4/12/19

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    Thanks @highlandlad and @ttward (I haven't forgotten about you I swear)

    9:52am - Watching the US markets overnight was about as good of a B-day gift as I could hope far. Red candles. Lots and lots of red! It was a glorious sell off. Excited because I bought puts on Monday and things are going way better than expected so far tongue.png

    Trading Tip - Every market is different; Stocks (Micro/Mid/Large caps), FOREX, Indicies, Options, Commodities..
    Find which one(s) you enjoy trading the most early on, and stick with it. Even If you've traded ASX stocks for 10 years, you might get a bit shellshocked when the FOREX market chews you up and spits you out.

    Trading Apparel
    The Oracle of Omaha - Still one of the coolest trading nicknames.

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