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Morgan Stanley - Australian Childcare Projects

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    The Australian reported last week the purchase of ACP ( Australian Childcare Projects) by Morgan Stanley's property unit.

    ACP incorporated in December 2013 with chairman Stuart James, who is also chairman of Affinity Education and a shareholder in Evolve Education, Greg Kern also a director of Evolve Education and Chis Giufre founder of ACP, founder of Evolve Education, one of Chris G's companies is also a shareholder in Evolve Education, Chris is also the husband of Affinity's director and chief operating officer Gabrielle Giufre.

    It is anticipated that this will be the first step in Morgan Stanley's gradual accumulation of childcare centres. What will their next purchase be? IMO preparation and accumulation for another corporate childcare IPO.

    Will be interesting to observe this develop. As always IMO and DYOR.
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