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    * Lower reservoirs start at 3,000m and are over-pressured so won't be tested with this well. This harks back to Kurnia... they drilled to test both upper and lower zones with that well and once they got into the Kujung prospect they had a very small diameter casing string which limited downhole options. Only the upper reservoirs will be tested and the deeper reservoirs possibly at a later time.

    * There are around 15 zones of interest that will be penetrated that could prove up around 500bcf + associated condensate. Importantly, this is only the northern upper section of the field. There is also northern lower, southern upper and southern lower all expected to contain gas + condensate. We know from historical estimates that the field, in total, could contain up to 3Tcf of gas + condensate.

    * Field development would involve additional wells to increase the takeoff rate. Once in production the rest of the field (three additional zones) would be explored, tested and bought online.
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