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more tocom short covering

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    After reducing their positions by about 40 odd% on the October 22 session, the seven (once) big gold shorts reduced by another 20 odd % on the 23rd. These guys are fleeing their shorts pretty damn rapidly. See below


    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    On October 23rd the seven once big gold shorts reduced their net short position by 2,613 more contracts to 9,746 contracts.

    STDJ reduced their net short position by 226 contracts to 5,431 contracts.

    In silver the same seven members increased their net long position by 52 contracts to 364.50 contracts (60kg deliverable equivalent).

    Take care,

    In the October 23 session on the TOCOM Goldman Sachs COVERED 83 short contracts but SOLD 345 long contracts which brings their long position to 2,626 contracts and makes them now NET LONG 281 contracts. This is only the third day in 30 months they have been net long despite them reducing the position from yesterday. With GS now net long may be Dennis Gartman won’t be stopped out on his recent long gold contract as he has finally, by shear luck, got long at the same time as the Cartel!
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