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more than meets the eye

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    I'd be keeping an eye on YAM


    Peregrine Corporate Ltd a share holder of YAM holds 58,131,285 17% and brought more to a holding of 84,274,088 18.36% on the 7th July

    The Directors incresed their holdings,

    Bryan Frost accuries 10,000,000 3rd July, holding now 75,000,000 shares

    Richard Revelins accuries 5,000,000 3rd July, holding now 63,000,000 shares

    Then the announcement on the 9th July,

    Cangold triples grade of P Zone/Gold Min at Argosy Mine.

    There will be more news to follow and i am sure it will be positive. I believe the Cangold has more gold than was previously mentionned,

    I wouldn't be surprised in the directors buy more shares, pending an announcement of some good news soon,

    Shows the activity in the market,

    Happy trading
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