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more tamiflu resistance- vaccine useless

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    The drug-resistant H1N1 virus mutation, identified as H274Y or H275Y is becoming more widespread, as reported by the CDC Week 48 H1N1 activity update. Identification of new cases of this Tamiflu-resistant swine flu strain has been increasing in recent weeks. At the same time, swine flu deaths have also been increasing, even as all other influenza activity indicators are decreasing. This may be the result of the combination of drug-resistant swine flu with the D225G H1N1 mutation which causes lung hemorrhaging.

    Swine flu cases with resistance to antiviral medications

    29 swine flu cases in the U.S., with resistance to the antiviral medication known as Tamiflu, or oseltamivir, have been identified since April, 16 of which have been identified in just the past 4 weeks. Three new cases have been found just in the last week in the U.S.

    Swine flu mutation causing a change in Receptor Binding Domain (RBD)

    The swine flu mutation that includes a change in the receptor binding domain to D225G attacks surface cells in the lungs. This can cause the total destruction of the lower respiratory system, and lung hemorrhaging. The strain of swine flu with this change has been shown to be a low reactor to the swine flu vaccine, which means that the H1N1 vaccine would likely not prevent infection with this strain of the swine flu.

    H1N1 mutations combine to make swine flu more dangerous

    H1N1 mutations are beginning to combine. Cases of swine flu in both France and the United States have shown a combination of H274Y/H275Y and D225G, which can make the infection more dangerous.

    * People who have been vaccinated might not seek medical care, thinking that they are safe from the swine flu, which can result in a lack of timely treatment, and a more severe reaction if they are infected with the D225G strain.
    * Tamiflu is commonly used to treat swine flu infections. Patients treated with Tamiflu may also assume that they will get better, unaware that their virus is unaffected by the antiviral medication
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