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more support for peacekeeping mission somalia

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    AP Enterprise: US hires military contractor to support peacekeeping mission in Somalia

    The Associated Press Published: March 7, 2007

    NAIROBI, Kenya: The United States has hired a major military contractor to provide equipment and logistical support to the peacekeeping mission in Somalia, bringing U.S. dependence on private military companies in several hot spots to a particularly troubled corner of Africa. The DynCorp International contract is the latest in a series of deals that allow the United States to play a greater role in African military matters, without having to use uniformed troops who are needed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    You can get the gist from the above but to read the full article go to http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/03/07/africa/AF-GEN-Somalia-US.php?page=1
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