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    Lots of development going on with silver in anti-bacterial applications, including air conditioning, vaccines and other medical applications. Silver has been used as a preservative for centuries apparrently.
    Heres one new application.
    PS thinking about the malachite float, any further thoughts anyone? Closes friday

    Clifton Mining (CFTN-OTC) and American Biotech produce a colloidal silver compound that arrests the effects of malaria. The mosquito-born fever kills 2.7 million people a year, mostly African children. The world spends $300 million a year on malaria control and a WHO progress report on the $700 million Roll Back Malaria campaign conducted over the past two years has achieved little. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is from Ghana, where successful tests have been completed, which in hospital trials shows that American Biotech and Clifton Mining's colloidal silver product ASAP arrests the effects of malaria. The two companies' representative met this week with WHO executives to discuss the possible use of ASAP via the World Health Organization. Malaria costs the African economy $12 billion a year.

    Clifton Mining Company (OTC: CFTN)
    Alpine, Utah: November 11th, 2002. Clifton Mining Company (OTC: CFTN) is pleased to announce that American Biotech Labs, a company in which Clifton owns approximately 30% has finished the approval process with the U.S. EPA and expects to get full hospital approval in the next few weeks.

    The Testing

    In the test work for the EPA hospital approval, the ASAP Solution® had to kill hundreds of thousands of some of the deadliest types of bacteria found in the United States within minutes, and it proved able to do so. There were approximately 1600 individual bacterial tests in just one series alone. American Biotech's product was able to pass all the tests.

    The Hospital Approval

    American Biotech Labs expects to get the full hospital disinfectant approval within the next 15-45 days. The approval will open the door to sell the highly effective, yet non-toxic disinfectant to thousands of hospitals, clinics, rest homes, and other healthcare facilities worldwide. Management expects sales of the new disinfectant to possibly begin as soon as January 2003. Said Keith Moeller, V.P., "This will be a very important product for the market. Because this product is non-toxic and yet highly effective at killing even the MRSA super bacteria, we expect sales to boom worldwide. Unlike other disinfectants, this product can be used in and around patients to kill bacteria with no adverse effect. It is so safe that it could be sprayed right on the skin or even consumed orally with no adverse consequences."

    Malaria Testing/Drug Approval

    A new human trial specifically testing ASAP's effectiveness on malaria is under way in Ghana, West Africa. In the first two tests, 19 people who had been diagnosed with malaria were treated with the ASAP Solution. All 19 people (mostly children) were reported by the doctors as being fully recovered within just seven days. The latest malaria tests should be completed within the next 60 days. With no reported failures, the human tests have gone so well that the official Food and Drug Board of Ghana has already approved the ASAP Solution® for drug registration. Recent West African trials also tested the product as a treatment for fungal skin infections, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, tonsillitis, pharingitis, some sexually transmitted diseases, conjunctivitis, upper respiratory tract infections, nasal and sinus problems, etc. In almost every human case tested so far, full recovery was reached in just 1-7 days.

    Clifton trades on the U.S. OTC: (CFTN). For additional information, contact Keith W. Moeller V.P. at Clifton Mining Company (801) 756-1414 ext. 41, or see our websites at or American Biotech Labs' web site at

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