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    Woodside discovers oil in Mauritania's Chinguetti Banda prospect

    23/9/2002 - Oil &Gas International: Perth) Woodside Petroleum has found oil with its exploratory well drilled in the Banda Prospect adjacent to Mauritania's Chinguetti Field in Block 4. The company reported today that its Chinguetti-4-3 exploratory well encountered 433 ft of hydrocarbon-bearing sandstones, of which 361 ft were a gas column that immediately overlay a 75-ft column of oil.
    These preliminary estimations were derived from the wireline log data that is only now being concluded after running of wireline logs to a total depth of 8,560 ft (2,609 meters). Samples of gas and oil have been recovered from both columns. Following the completion of the logging program and consistent with the joint venture's previous procedures in the area, the Chinguetti-4-3 (Banda) discovery well will be plugged and abandoned as planned.
    The oil and gas bearing sandstones are part of the same sand system which is the oil reservoir at Chinguettti-1 and which was recognized as the well's primary reservoir objective prior to drilling, although the style of hydrocarbon trap at Banda is different from that at the Chinguetti discovery.

    The Banda structure is quite large and lies in 1,004 ft water depth about 60 km off the Mauritanian coastline. The The Banda discovery well, the third well drilled in Block 4, is positioned between the 2001 Chinguetti oil discovery, approximately 20 km to the southwest, and Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott, 75 km to the northeast.
    Woodside Petroleum is the operator of Mauritania's Block 4 and the Chinguetti well, with 35% interest. Its partners are ENI (35%), Hardman Resources (21.6%), Fusion Oil & Gas (6%), and Roc Oil (2.4%).
    Roc's CEO Dr John Doran said today, "The discovery of a significant hydrocarbon accumulation at Banda in a structural setting which is different from last year's Chinguetti discovery is encouraging. It is increasingly hard to avoid the view that the drilling successes which the joint venture has experienced in the last 15 months represent the birth of a new petroleum province. However, only time and a lot more wells will tell whether the encouragement provided by the drilling program to date is justified."

    Dr. John Doran

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