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That's the point - I got moderated more times on GGG than any...

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    That's the point - I got moderated more times on GGG than any other stocks I own and post on - maybe that is the case with all the current threads and I find it pointless in even getting involved in those discussions.

    It seems we can't get away from the constant bickering and one-upmanship that have taken over this forum and that is one of the main reasons that the moderators have come down so hard - I agree with @nro about standing up for the truth but at some point, one just has to let it go with these trolls and move on.
    I have had the main instigators on ignore for quite some time now so I only get to see the replies, alot of which get moderated because of the angry responses to the false claims and half truths by these charlatans.

    Anyway that's my perspective on things and I will only post when there is something worthwhile discussing about GGG and which is also relevant to the Kvanefjeld project- I encourage others to do the same!

    2020 will deliver the goods - go GGG!

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