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    A longish segment on Sky News which you'd think
    must help it tomorrow. They emphasised the link with
    the Burnet institute and the fact that they are ready
    to capitalise on the research of the last number of years
    (Select have a priority on developing these) and the
    fact that the hepatitis diagnostic kits will be sold in first
    and third world countries.
    They also said taht they could have issued 3 times
    the number of shares in the startup but that they
    wanted to keep the cap down at this stage. That cap
    is the important thing for me. Even now it's only
    around $10 million. Most of the biotechs around have
    alt least 100 million shares on issue. At 25% of this
    SLT could go to $1.00 and only have a cap of $25million.

    I hold SLT. Do your own research before investing.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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