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More positive reports from Bioshares

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    This is an interesting report insofar as it quotes, not from VLA's Board press releases, but directly from Malcolm's investor briefing.  It seems Bioshares are still bullish on the story.

    A couple of quotes stood out for me;

    "Viralytics has achieved startling results in mice... when combining Cavatak with an anti-PD1 compound..."  Words like startling appeal to me when used in science.
    "Intravenous trials with Amgen’s T-Vec have not been conducted, possibly because T-Vec is a large envelope virus and is quickly mopped up by the innate immune system..."

    "the company’s overseas institutional investors remain bemused at Viralytics’ market value of $57 million..."

    I bet they're bemused.  Bemused enough to increase their stake at apparently unbelievable prices??  I wish...
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