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    "The liquidity that was injected into the system by the Bernanke Electric Mayhem Money Printing press as I have told you cannot be retrieved from the system. Therefore, increasing interest rates are nullified in any case by the monetary ease created.

    Most observers have forgotten about this green globe of liquidity that is festering within the system that will understood as it unveils itself in what I still feel will be Stagflation.

    One day we have measured increases in the Fed language and the next day the word might be missing and coronaries sweep Wall Street. Wow, has the world gone bonkers? Who cares what the word is or is not because the result will be the same!

    The US dollar has a price objective of .72 and could find its way to .56 regardless of short term short covering rallies that have happened along the way and will continue to happen well into the future. All these rallies will be noise and not trends.

    Gold is the “Whistle Blower” of spin and will continue to blow, finding higher lows and higher highs until it does its duty and attempts to balance the international balance sheet of the USA.

    In the final analysis, the real money will be made by the investor and not the trader who will at one point make a great sale and then watch gold rise more than 500 points."
    =========================================Worth thinking about this very carefully. Written by gold guru Jim Sinclair.
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