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More on Anthem and Covata

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    Trent Telford, CEO of Covata, a data security firm in Reston, Va., said the stolen information amounts to complete identities, and that makes it more valuable on “black sites” than credit card numbers.

    “Credit card numbers can be worth cents or dollars, but IDs can be worth tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars,” he said.

    He stressed corporations have to take notice that this threat is growing and more levels of protection are needed.

    Surprisingly, it does not take long for hackers to use computers to sift through a mass of information as big as Anthem’s.

    Another snippet I found online

    “That was a big database, and once the bad guys get in there, it’s a free-for-all — and it’s happening everywhere,” Telford said. “They (companies) need to see they need more than just network security and a firewall to protect the honey pot.”
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