Didn't see me pictured. Interested to know why you are targeting...

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    Didn't see me pictured. Interested to know why you are targeting me, especially concentrating on two things. Firstly always accusing me of being a liar. Can you please give examples so that i can debate, retract and even apologise IF NECESSARY.

    Secondly you regularly accuse me of dudding shareholders in my company. Please give more details. There are three companies I have founded. Two have been wound up with the shareholders approval as they had reached their use by date, One where the shareholders recieved shares prorata in the another that is still operating, at no cost. That company is still operating even though I have retired from all positions. The current directors asked for my permission to be shown as "Founder" on the company web site. This is a registered Public company with many shareholders. I was a director, Chairman of the board and Public officer. ASIC have no problems with me or the company. The company has had no problems each year from independent auditors. Do you know something that they dont?. You may or may not be a shareholder. I doubt it is the case because no shareholder has voiced any unhappiness but if you are then please take this up with current management. If you are, please attend the annual meeting. You can ask to attend via skype if you are a shareholder and ask for the service. A product demonstration is organised on a regular basis for shareholders and others showing interest. You can even become a licenced installer if you have engineering ability.

    You are done (not an old mate). You are THE lying super troll. Put up or shut up.

    Wake up. Grow up. Get a life.
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