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    July 8, 2003
    Uecomm signs $3 million contract with Metropolitan Fire Brigade

    Specialised fibre broadband carrier, Uecomm Limited, today announced it had signed a contract worth more than $3 million over a 10-year period with the Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board (MFB) in Melbourne.

    The MFB is a community safety organisation committed to working in partnership with community stakeholder groups, emergency service organisations and private industries to achieve a safer Melbourne.

    The contract will see Uecomm's MetroFibre service used as part of a new MFB secure telecommunications network that links a number of MFB points of interest throughout Victoria. The MFB network will support a range of applications and services ranging from interactive training to enhanced fire truck dispatch.

    The MFB secure network, will also provide MFB with sufficient bandwidth to explore VoIP and videoconference technologies.

    According to a MFB representative, MetroFibre is ideally suited to MFB as it allows the organisation to operate its own private optical network. "With Uecomm we're able to converge our disparate networks into a single, consolidated network which will result in improvements to information movement and communications.

    "This is a first. No other state fire brigade service has a data communications network of this scope, size or capacity," said MFB's representative.

    Brendan Park, Uecomm's Products and Marketing Director said that the deal further establishes Uecomm's position as one of Australia's preferred fibre broadband carriers to business and government.

    "MFB's business required it to have an extremely reliable network with the scalability to support multiple applications. Our network provides MFB with extensive reach, combined with 24-hour support from our network operations centre," said Park.

    MFB also manages a range of research, community awareness, education and safety programs on fire and emergency prevention and preparedness. With Uecomm's high-speed network, the organisation will be able to run multimedia applications for training and education programs, further enhancing its status as an award-winning community education department.
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