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more nitty gritty science on melanotan

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    I just wanted to clarify some thing about melanotan with regards to my earlier posts. I previously beleived that alpha-MSH was the compound used in melanotan and thought that this was identical to the MSH molecule found in the Human body. I hence declared melanotan a `certainty' for big $, since this molecule is already present in the human body and we are `used to it'. On their new website Epitan give some more info on melanotan that was not present on their old one and in hind sight their old website was a tad confusing for me.
    Natural a-MSH is a 13 amino acid peptide. The scientists took alpha MSH and tweaked it a bit substituting norleucine at position 4 and d-phenyalanine at pos.7 (?previously l-phenylalanine?). These changes renders this `new' MSH much stronger than natural alpha MSH (1000 times) and longer lasting too. So now rather than the alpha MSH being used in melanotan as I originally thought -it is a new molecule that the human body has not seen before- opening up the door for possible side effects.

    1) Will this molecule have side effects?
    2) Will it have other actions in the body? (?Increased libido seems like one of them)
    3) Or will our body's immune system be able to differentiate between this molecule and alpha-MSH?

    None of these questions really worry me- I aint selling any of my shares. Even if some people do have an immune response this is no big deal- it will mean that antibodies will and coat the molecule and the white cells will gobble it up before it can get a chance to work- answer- escalate the dose. But since this molecule is relatively small and very similar to a-MSH this scenario seems fairly unlikely.
    I know this is quite technical - Just wanted to clear up that little anomaly with my old posts. No misinfo intended! I am 99% as confident about epitan now, compared to my previous assumptions.


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