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    AustCancer Product in Sloan-Kettering Leukemia Study
    Australian Cancer Technology ("AustCancer") (ASX:ACU) announced today that it has
    signed a second material transfer agreement with New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering
    Cancer Center. This latest agreement relates to the use of GPI-0100, the lead product of its
    Galenica Pharmaceuticals business, in a study on the potential for vaccination for
    leukemias and lymphomas. It follows the recently signed agreement with the prestigious
    cancer center covering the use of Galenica products in pre-clinical and clinical research
    aimed at a wide range of other cancer types.
    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York is one of the largest and most highly
    regarded cancer treatment and research organisations in the world. With origins dating
    back over a hundred years, the center now employs over 8,000 people, treats nearly 20,000
    in-patients and has nearly 400,000 outpatient visits annually.
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