more lies from "honest john"

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    The last sentence typifies Howard's ability to pull the wool over the gullible Autralian public's eyes. It ignores the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction, that there was no immediate threat to the West and that the unrest in Iraq subsequent to the illegal invasion by the coalition may well end in the deaths of more people than Saddam was ever responsible for....

    Howard is a disgrace.

    Crean targets PM over UK war report
    Federal Opposition leader Simon Crean has accused John Howard of sending Australian troops to war against Iraq based on a lie.

    Labor has failed in its attempt to censure the Prime Minister over the issue in Parliament this afternoon.

    Labor seized on a British intelligence report sent to Australian agencies earlier this year warning military action against Iraq would increase the terrorism threat.

    During question time, Mr Howard repeatedly said he was not briefed on that particular report.

    He says it does not change his opinion that the longer term threat was greater if Iraq was not disarmed.

    "It was the judgment of the government that the longer term proliferation and terrorism risk of leaving Saddam's weapons of mass destruction in place outweighed the shorter term risks," he said.

    But Mr Crean accused Mr Howard of not telling the truth.

    "There can be no more reprehensible position for a prime minister to take than sending Australian young men and women to war based on a lie."

    Mr Howard says he did not mislead the Australian people.

    He then hit back at Mr Crean.

    "If the world had listened to the Australian Labor Party, Saddam would still be in Baghdad
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